Assessments, Certifications and Technical Consulting


Gesproyec Ingeniería e Instalaciones S.L. closely collaborates with clients to advise them on technical issues, including:

  • Health and safety assessments.
  • Technical reports and surveys.
  • Energy studies.
  • Preparation and processing of technical reports.

Assessments, certifications and technical consultingOur engineers and architects are responsible for advising clients, thus helping them find appropriate solutions for their particular needs. Our engineers and architects are responsible for elaborating certificates, surveys and studies, which are then approved by the corresponding official engineering associations. They also assess contractors to help them with administrative work, such as the preparation and processing of certificates and technical reports as required by the Ministry of Industry.

All those services are carried out in a professional and serious manner, and in collaboration with the client. Last but not least, we also advise our clients on how they can save time and money.