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Electrical Installations: Electricity and Lighting


Our contractors are duly licensed to install electrical systems. During the installation process, they will comply with all valid regulations and carry out the installation as indicated in the project specifications designed by the responsible engineer or technician. Our staff and contractors will at all times comply with relevant regulations on health and safety.


In all cases, licensed electrical specialists will be responsible for carrying out the installations. Finally, to meet all legal requirements, every installation will be duly certified and documented accordingly by means of a technical report. Upon request, we also take care of all legalisation procedures that need to be carried out through the Ministry of Industry, as well as any contracts with respective suppliers.

Our licensed electricity contractors have ample experience with the following types of electrical installations:

  • High and medium voltage overhead and underground lines.
  • Transformer stations.
  • Electrification of residential buildings.
  • Electrification of single family homes: improvements, power amplification, change of ownership.
  • Electrification of car parks or public parking.
  • Electrification of public businesses.
  • Electrification in the industrial sector.
  • Lighting of building sites.
  • Exterior or street lighting.
  • Electrification of businesses with increased risk of fire or explosion.
  • Electrification of operating rooms.
  • Electrification of pools and fountains.
  • Improvement and modernization of meter panels.
  • Repair of electrical installations, system failures and maintenance work.
  • Lighting of exterior walls.
  • Etc.

Please contact us for a free and non-binding quote for installations, repairs and maintenance work.

Please don't hesitate to contact our installations department in case you have any questions regarding electrical installations.