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Engineering Projects and Construction Management for Minor Construction Work Permits


Do you need a permit from your local government for carrying out minor construction work inside a private building or in public spaces?

  • Adapting businesses, common areas etc.
  • Adapting exterior walls.
  • Adapting sidewalks and curbs, or existing connections to the public canalization.
  • Placing bollards, mailboxes or awnings in public spaces.
  • Ducting for uses other than the connection to the public canalization, such as electrical, telephone and water ducts.

Please contact us for a free and non-binding quote regarding permits for minor construction work.

Engineering projects for minor construction work permits

Gesproyec Ingeniería e Instalaciones S.L. also takes care of all administrative work required for obtaining minor construction work permits.

In order to avoid judicial action against, and undesired suspension of construction work, an application for carrying out such work needs to be presented to the local government and approved by the same, in order to obtain the corresponding construction permit.

Thanks to our ample experience in this field, we are able to process your application for such a permit quickly and efficiently.


Please don't hesitate to contact contact our engineering department in case you have any questions regarding projects for minor construction work permits.